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Possible feature requests

Dec 21, 2012 at 6:57 PM

I thought I might list every problem or wish I have for this IDE, I know you do this in your spare time, but hey if you're ever bored and don't know what people want next, now you do!


  • Sort the autocomplete list by A-Z and possibly as well by type.
  • On tooltip show the variables type.
  • Trigger tooltip on text hover.
  • When it shows a function's parameters list it would be nice for this to reshow when editing code between its parenthesis, for example once you have written a function call, and then decide to do modifications it won't show any tooltip unless you go ahead and retype the first "(" char to trigger the tooltip.
  • Autocomplete prefers "PawnDied" over "Pawn" when for example typing "Controller.Pawn", it should select "Pawn" of over "PawnDied" because "Pawn" was an exact match.
  • Autocomplete completes to "class" when typing "C" followed by enter because "C" was not yet declared, this should not happen, at least I don't have this issue in C#, there it just lets me continue with "C" I don't know exactly how it accomplish, but I guess you can find out.
  • No path location setup, instead make it so a solution can be created and control this path.
  • (Luxury)A possible extension option for Visual Studio as an alternative for those who prefer to use all their VS extensions without having to hack it into yours.
  • (Luxury)Smart syntax highlighting, don't highlight by word but restrict highlighting by syntax structure.
  • (Luxury)Differentiate colors between Enums, consts, and structures.
  • (Luxury)Possible filters like in C++ solutions.
  • Fix for "Go To Definition" most of the times it doesn't do anything or it goes to a completely random location, usually it waits for parsing to complete although half the time it never gets there at all.
  • Auto indention based on scope inheritance.
  • (Luxury)Meaningful parsing errors.
  • Fix for missing UnrealScript specifiers, or at least read over unknown specifiers(at least for class specifiers).
  • (Luxury)Display specifier description on hover/autocomplete, can be fetched from UnrealWiki(difficult).

Where (Luxury) means not necessary but would be cool to have!

I'll add more when they popup again :P

Dec 22, 2012 at 9:51 AM

Thank you Eliot, Without you I would not know where to improve the IDE. I am planning to launch kickstarter project after the New Year(it has been approved already).

What you are writing is clear there is only few item which I think will be difficult to achieve but nothing is impossible :)